Welcome to PINAY WALKS .....where there is sure to be a walk to remember!

It is highly recommended that PSP's, for your own safety, to meet ONLY VERIFIED members. Please request PW username and check profile verification prior to meeting.

PINAY WALKS is your premiere, philippine-based community chat that allows members to capture and upload real-time photos/videos, share these with the community, as well as connect with other members. Please follow all site rules, be respectful and kind to the lovely ladies, and most importantly, enjoy your time while visiting us.

Helpful Hints

-search and add ADMINISTRATOR as this will help you receive site-related news and PSP updates.
-ONLY those members that you ADD will appear in your CHAT list.
-use real email address ...our system may auto delete your account if not legit.
-private chat messages auto-delete every 30 days.
-GIRLS: it helps when you provide adequate details and updated photos along with active CP#.
-GUYS: profile (and all content) will be deleted after only 1 bad review (zero tolerance for disrespect).
-Facebook profile can be included by providing your USERNAME only (no need for http://www.facebook, etc).