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PINAY WALKS is your premiere, philippine-based community chat that allows members to capture and upload real-time photos/videos, and share these with other community members, as well as connect with members in hopes of experiencing a WALK to remember. Please follow all site rules, be respectful and kind to the lovely ladies, and most importantly, enjoy your time while visiting us.

Helpful Hints

-search and add ADMINISTRATOR as this will help you receive site-related news and PSP updates.
-ONLY those members that you ADD will appear in your CHAT list.
-use real email address ...our system may auto delete your account if not legit.
-private chat messages auto-delete every 30 days.
-GIRLS: it helps when you provide adequate details and updated photos along with active CP#.
-GUYS: profile (and all content) will be deleted after only 1 bad review (zero tolerance).
-Facebook profile can be included by providing your USERNAME only (no need for http://www.facebook, etc).